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Recommitting Does NOT Mean You’ve Previously Failed.

RECOMMIT: Recommitting does NOT mean you’ve previously failed. Stop and let that soak in! It may mean that what you were doing has served it’s purpose or has come to an end. The prefix “re” tells you that this verb is describing repeated or recurring action. Which simply means you are COMMITTING again. Too often people recommit and tell the story of why and where they have been. In my business this is often equated to shameful tales of too many many donuts eaten, margaritas gulped and ice cream cones devoured. For me personally, recommitting has less to do with donuts and ice cream AND more to do with BEING SEEN, HEARD and getting OUT OF MY OWN WAY. Somehow, I let other people’s opinions stop me cold. The irony is that what I heard was not even real—it was the negative voices in my own head. Voices that said awful things that were not even true and took the joy out of my sharing. I stopped posting, commenting (for the most part) or even using social media at all because I felt small, lost and no longer relevant. After months of reflection and a few amazing signs along the way —I decided to recommit. The day I decided to not "just stick my toe in the water” but fully recommit was the day EVERYTHING started to shift. I let go and got out of my head and out of my own way. The signs were many and things were aligning —it was as if the universe had been WAITING for me to wake up, stand in the light and get on with living my purpose. Why do I tell you this today…. 1) You are NOT alone—there is someone who understands and is feeling the exact same way you do. 2) You have not failed—you have merely paused. Taking time to reflect is not a bad thing but don't stay there very long. When you pause for a few days it’s called a “mood”. When you allow this “mood” to extend weeks and you retell your tale of woe it becomes “a temperament”. And finally, when this bad emotional experience plays on for years = it becomes “a personality trait”. Instead of staying stuck or on pause —recommit. Make a promise to yourself to do one thing different today, tomorrow and the next. You will be surprised how much progress you can make by simply taking the first step. Let go of those things and even people that are holding you back from your purpose and mission. Love and respect them —but let those things go.

3) You do not need to relive the past —you’ve already been there. The best thing you can do is release yourself from the emotional charge and let that time or lesson become wisdom. Wisdom that will empower you to move forward again.

So, what are you committed to achieving? If it is not working, ask why is it not working? Can you look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you have given it your ALL? How hard and how long have you been working at it? Did you set your expectations too high? Start small and JUST commit.

Live abundantly and commit. And you will be seeing and hearing more from me.

Recommitting does NOT mean you’ve previously failed.

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