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Abundantly Nourished, LLC is a space for both healing and transformation.
Our goal is to help clients detoxify their lives, get to the root cause, let go and live abundantly. 
We offer three main types of holistic healing services to achieve this end.




What you put in your body matters

The foods you consume are essential for a healthy, vibrant life and your symptoms are only one part. A diet of whole, unrefined, nutrient dense foods will provide your body with the

raw materials  to support self-healing.

Does eating healthy intimidate you


do you eat healthy an see little improvement?

If you answered yes then you are in right place. 

I provide both personal and group programs.

As a client of my Nutritional / Health Coaching Program

you will…

Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering

Increase your energy levels

Understand and reduce your cravings

Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight

Learn about new foods and how to easily incorporate them

Feel great in your skin

Improve your personal relationships

Discover the confidence to create the life you want

And so much more!

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Feel better from the inside out

Do you feel stressed and stuck?

Your physical body is influenced by your mental thoughts, words, emotions and
experiences, which are kept as information at a cellular level in the body.

Energy therapy works on a totally different level than simply talking about our
emotional challenges; it actually removes the blocks so we can move on.

​Emotional Healing reveals what the mind and feelings conceal.
Using muscle testing, we bypass your conscious mind and access the root cause.  


As my client I have one simple goal - to educate and empower you to let go and heal. I strive to help you release emotional pain,  blocks and walls that keep you from being


Ray of Light


Turn up the heat for pain relief

Do you have chronic health issues need pain relief, looking to release stress
or detoxify your body?

Far infrared-rays and negative ions help you de-stress, reduce pain, boost immunity, detox your body, and promote deep relaxation and healing.

Come experience the Biomat, an FDA approved medical device, designed
to help our bodies heal themselves. The Biomat is made of Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals, which produce infra-red heat rays as well as negative ions.

Reduces stress and fatigue

Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation

Improves sleep patterns

Reduces inflammation

Eases joint pain and stiffness

Provides warm, soothing pain relief

Eliminates toxins in the body

Increases blood circulation

Alleviates migraines and tension headaches

Reduces allergy symptoms

Improves immune system function

Improves cardiovascular health

Burns calories and controls weight

Improves muscle tone and skin quality

All emotional healing sessions include the use of the Biomat (when appropriate). 
The Biomat is a great treatment on its own and includes
aromatherapy and soothing music to help aid in the relaxation.

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