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I am so excited and I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have taken my passion for health and wellness to the next level and I’ve become a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach.

Five years ago I kept getting injured from too much running and over-training, and quite honestly I was not getting the results I wanted. A little over two years ago that all changed with the FASTer way! My inflammation was gone, I had more energy, my over 40 body was changing and I was exercising less and eating more! I finally regained control of my health and fitness with zero shakes, pills, potions or pixie dust! I’m so excited to officially add this program to Abundantly Nourished and for the opportunity to lead my own group of clients through this effective program. Let’s be clear, anyone who really knows me, knows this--I do LOTS of research and never recommend anything I don't personally believe, do or consume. I’ve been living the FASTer way for over two years now--why? Because it’s NOT a diet--It's a real lifestyle! I’ve done it through the holidays, on vacation, and frankly during all the seasons of my life! Join me for my official first round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss on November 11, 2018! Here’s a glimpse of what you get for 7 weeks! 1. Prep Week Training and Guidance

2. Program Guide

3. Weekly Food Cycling Plan

4. Weekly Food Exercise Plan

5. Recipes and shopping guides

6. Online support and so much more!

Click here to register for the FASTer Way or use the link on my website! Please make sure you put my name in the box: Who is your FWTFL coach (Michelle Baker) when you complete the check out process. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

P.S. Once you’re done registration shoot me an email me at: Subject: I’m all in for 11/11/18 and tell me in five sentences why you want to do this program!

#FWTFL #CarbCycling #IntermittentFasting #LiveYourBestLife

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