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Simply Grounded

Why is it that life is always simpler at the beach? Toes in the sand, breeze across your cheek, sun shining, a comfy chair, soft towel, cool drink, and your worries seem to diminish with every crash and break of the ocean. I believe there are three simple reasons life makes sense at the ocean.

1. Grounding: From the moment you arrive your shoes are off! We immediately place or toes and feet firmly, deeply, willingly into the sand and the earth. This simple gesture automatically evokes a connection with the earth's natural energy. Science has documented that "grounding" oneself decreases inflammation, improves our internal biorhythms, and our immune system.

2. Vitamin D! Sun exposures allows our body to make Vitamin D--great for building strong bones and increasing the natural release of endorphins! Proper and protected sun light will make you happy!

3. Ebb and Flow: Science has proven that tidal rhythms directly impact our physiology. The natural ebb and flow of the ocean helps our bodies rebound, reset--allowing our body and mind to synchronize. When we are in harmony and connected to our inner self we are more productive, calmer, and our body innately heals. If life has gotten busy, crazy, and you're an emotional mess--head to the beach. Take your shoes off and bury your feet in the sand, let the light kiss your face, and connect with the circadian rythym of the ocean. Grounding is a simply abundant way to feed your soul and nourish your life.

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