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It All Starts From Within

Wellness | Healing | Transformation

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What you put in
your body matters

Does eating healthy
intimidate you OR do you
eat healthy yet see little improvement?


Feel better from
the inside out

Do you feel stressed
and stuck? Did you know there is a way to reveal what the mind and feelings conceal?

Ray of Light 2014-6-10-17:34:56

Turn up the heat
for pain relief

Do you have chronic health issues need pain relief, looking to release stress or detoxify your body?


changed my life!

"I went to see Michelle for extremely debilitating headaches. These headaches would literally put me down. I've had a plate in my head since 91'. Every specialist I went to never seemed to help. They just did test after test, and prescribe tons of medication. My mother suggested and actually made an appointment with Michelle for me. Well here I am, 5 weeks since my first appointment, and I can say," I have not had my plate pain since. This is HUGE for me. Give her a try, what do you have to lose?"


Acknowledge, Forgive and Move On...

"Since growing up with a strong spiritual influence in my life, the EPT/ Emotion Code sessions made perfect sense! I have worked with Michelle Baker on multiple occasions and can say that I walk away from each session with a renewed purpose and am able to move forward in my daily activities without the sense of feeling "bogged down" emotionally. I can now more easily recognize when I need to acknowledge things, forgive them and move forward. I would highly recommend working with Michelle."


Life changing

"I couldn’t be happier with the results--what a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You should give it a try!”


enthusiastic endorsement

"I am normally skeptical of interventions that identifying feelings I'm not even aware that I have. However, EPT has been very helpful in helping me break past I log jam I had encountered in my recovery from a major concussion. I have a new respect for the field of energy healing; I can't say that I fully understand it all, but I know I have been a beneficiary of the approach.. Michelle Baker has been terrific to work with! I love her energy and commitment to the approach. She is great!"


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